Eduart Makri

Movie Director, Screenplay Writer, Producer, Actor

Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)

Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)

Winner of 3 International Awards in 2016

Graduates as an ACTOR in 1981 at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania. Right after he starts a fast and successful carrier in the Albanian Movie Industry. He learns his film-making craft with the best well known Albanian movie directors (educated in Moscow, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest): Kristaq Dhamo, Viktor Gjika, Hysen Hakani, Piro Milkani, Kujtim Çashku, and especially with Dhimiter Anagnosti.  In the meanwhile he plays a few leading ​characters, becoming a celebrity when he was only 25 years old.  

But his interests lay further ahead. In 1981 he is invited to work at the biggest Film Production Studio “Kino Studio – New Albania”, where he worked as First AD in 11 movies, with the best Albanian movie directors within a four years  period of time.

In 1985 he gets  an invitation to direct his first short feature (2 directors). After a very successful debut, he begins making his movies as MOVIE DIRECTOR every year, for 4 years. In the last two movies he films his own screenplays, passing so, on the side of Independent Film Authors.

He lives in Toronto as a Canadian Citizen as of 18 years already, and he is having his own successes here in North America. He plays as an actor in a few Canadian and American Production.  

In 2006 plays in Missing TV Series, alongside OSCAR Winning actress Vivica A. Fox; Award Winning actress Caterina Scorsone and Award Winning actor Marc Consuelos.  In 2004 he plays in This is Wonderland (Canadian TV Series) alongside Michael MurphyGemini Winner and multiple times nominee, and Michael Riley, Gemini Winner and multiple times nominee. 

In June 2010 he establishes  Animus Film Productions Inc. In 2015 he writes, directs and produces his first English movie "Quo Vadis?", which received 3 International Awards in 2016. 

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